How To Befriend A Sociopath

Listen up! This one I have some real expertise on. If you want to meet a sociopath, take yourself to the local library. That’s where I met the one I befriended. What I mean to say is that’s where I met the one who preyed on me. People who have no conscience should be required to wear shirts with a big scarlet letter “S” on them (for Sociopath of course). Then one could know to run for their lives. Instead they invite themselves over. Now one would think it is safe to let someone you meet at a story hour for kids over to your house. Wrong. It’s never safe to let a sociopath in. Oh, but they are so charming! They come armed with flattery. They smile, they wink, they toss their hair! Then at some point they deploy their greatest weapon of all: sympathy. The number one way you know you are dealing with a sociopath? They play upon your sympathy. In fact they play on everyone’s sympathy. They manipulate people like pawns on a chessboard who unwittingly do their will. They lie, cheat, steal, and deceive. They slander, gossip, criticize and condemn with their vicious tongues. They are a whirlwind of harm, always causing hurt, ruin and destruction in people’s lives, including their own family members. Yet they turn on the waterworks if anyone throws an accusation their way. Poor, poor them! They are always the victim and never responsible for anything. I ate many a meal at this sociopath’s table, and I’ll tell you I wish I could vomit up every one. This sociopath was a “Christian” too. If ever I thought of becoming an atheist, it was after meeting her.

In the Bible, the most notoriously evil woman written about is Queen Jezebel. After her evil husband King Ahab has been killed, the new successor Jehu comes to take out his Queen too. As he drives his chariot into town like a madman, Jezebel comes out to meet him. She has prepared for the meeting too, putting on some make-up like a true witch. I can see her defiantly standing out there on the castle wall, her red lips sullenly pouty. As Jehu enters town he shouts out “Who will throw her down for me?” Several people willingly jump at the chance and over the castle wall she goes. Dogs lick up her blood, just as it had been prophesied. I think about that story often. All I can say is that I hope my sociopathic “friend” is putting on her lipstick. God is riding his chariot into town for her and there will be many who will gladly give her a push.

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