What Makes A Woman Captivating?

Captivating. What a word. It means to attract and hold by charm, beauty or excellence. To hold the attention of by fascinating; enchant. An archaic definition is “to capture.” Tony Blair used the word. He said he found Princess Diana captivating. Quite a compliment from the former Prime Minister. It got me wondering. What makes a woman captivating? It certainly means the woman has a “special something” about them. I was always a Princess Diana fan. No doubt she captured the imagination of us all. She certainly was beautiful and glamorous. Is that all it takes to be captivating?

I think it surely must be more. Of course we all notice the outward appearance first. Yet no one could deny that Mother Theresa was also captivating, and she had no external beauty. I think to be captivating you must have internal fire. That spark of passion that runs deep. You also have to have heart, courage and a driving purpose. I suppose there are many individual characteristics that captivate. Some things I find captivating are strong moral character, intellect, imagination, curiosity, humor, passion, ambition, compassion, courage, heart, empathy, being well read, being a great conversationalist, being adventurous, liking to have fun, being glamorous. Is it acceptable to say beautiful eyes, a nice smile and being a good kisser are captivating too?

Do you know a captivating woman? If so count yourself lucky. They are a rare breed.

2 thoughts on “What Makes A Woman Captivating?”

  1. I was doing some research for my friend to help her learn about her own name.
    Her name is Soraida. And in Arabic is Zoraida. Her name means a “Captivating woman.” Thanks for the info.

  2. Your overview of Captivating is revealing indeed to be truly Captivating is being Graceful and having presence that speaks volume and yes having passion from deep within that fuels and being substained internally The Woman who is Captivating Stands in her own skins and owns it with a passion that speaks for her to all, that she may encounter.

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